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Comprehensive Bird Repellent Solution.

The best way to get rid of birds.

More effective solution than spikes or any other birds repellent products.

we are so confident in our products that we have decided to give you:

Full money back guarantee- 60 days- no questions ask!!!

Main Features:


Customer Reviews

Will, H

Love the idea, very simple to use and works exactly as described


I had pigeons nesting on

my porch, but since i

installed this product i

never saw them again

Mark, B

The product was simple to

install and is working wonders!!! my house is large so I will be ordering more tape to make sure the pigeons never return!!

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What is in the box?

  • Transparent adhesive tape, 4.0 cm. wide, 10 meters Long.
  • Electric Energizer 230 V / 50 Hz
  • 8 meters of lead in wire
  • 10 Aluminum sleeves for all wire connections.
  • Digital Tester
  • 2 Warning Labels
  • Installation Guide

You can also buy:

10 meters of Shocktape
Electric Energizer
8 meters 
of lead in wire

Revolution in bird  repellent market!!

bird control